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Build relationship with your brand

At 4noons we engage customers, employees and partners into bonding relationships. 

Build your identity, know your customer, create the value, be noticed and grow your business.


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About Us

4noons was created with strong belief that the world is built on a fundamental human capability of creating relationships. All of us want to be a part of the family, community or organization. Affiliation is hidden in our DNA. We seek to be loved and attract people around us. How? The only way to do that is to create and maintain sincere and honest relationships. 

One-sided communication does not last, monologues come to an end - same applies to the brand. Build a story, identify the storytellers, spread it out and start building the dialogues that create the next chapter. Owe it, feed it, let it prosper – winning brand is open for ongoing change, transforming in the direction shaped by it’s key stakeholders – employees, customers, partners.


Why noon? 

Most of relationships we create at noontime. It is the perfect momentum to start and maintain long-lasting relationships – employees to storytellers, customers to true ambassadors.

At 4noons we help building relationships with your brand. It's much more than just a cool logo in a well-placed advertisement. It’s vital to understand it’s complexity, identify the key driving factors, be consistent yet always ready for the unexpected. Strong brand helps your business to drive faster and we are here to show you how.


Brand identity, strategy, communication tactics, employer branding, internal communication and customer journey finally resulting in a consistent brand experience delivering your story.


Strategic Session

With years of experience, we have expertise to bring your business to the next level. At 4noons, we combine our insights and skills to transform your brand. We dive in to your business and bring out all the new possibilities to light.

By creating customer personas and their journeys we analyse the touch points of your clients, investigate the market fit, empower your employees. Knowing the value proposition we can solve the challenges, as well as spark ideas that lead to business success.


Branding & Positioning 

Shaping your business in to the new form but not sure from where to start? Need help in planning and executing your marketing and communication activities? Even small changes of the product can disrupt the market if the plan is ready and the main goals are set.

It is important to put all together - brand strategy, communication tactics and product positioning, because it enables you to maximize the chances of finding new potential customers and grow your business.


Living your Brand

Your brand is your promise, your commitment to customers. It's your commitment to employees too. It represents everything your company makes or says. We can help to build your brand on your core values, make the employees feel appreciated and happy community members. When your employees live your brand, they have passion around your product or service and feel pride working at your company. Who wouldn't want to do business with you?


Exploit the Digital

Digital is the most popular keyword nowadays. Are you at the top of the list at google search? Do you constantly select and analyse all possible data, trying out A/B testing? Depending on your business, you may need to improve the customer experience in your web site or strengthen communication in social media channels. We help here to understand your needs and grow your business with digitalizing your services.

Our Team
Eglė Taraškevičiūtė-Koryznienė


Happy to live in the world of brands for more than 15 years. I am a true believer, that winning companies are those, who know the answer to the key ‘Why?’, who create value, who empower and make happy employees and have sustainable relationships. The success stories happens when everybody in the company speaks the same language, creates the same stories, goes for the same goals, feels important and lives the brand.

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